The Lady’s Not For Burning

by Christopher Fry

 Here is such a storm of superstition
 and humbug and curious passions, where will you start
 to look for the truth?

The whole thing's a lot of amphigourious Stultiloquential fiddle-faddle!

Hour of the Octopus

by Joel Rosenberg

When in doubt, brazen it out.

How Much For Just The Planet

by John M. Ford

What was that all about? They were lost, and you pointed them the wrong way. Those rocks aren't near anything but the old caves.

They were alien invaders...or hadn't you noticed?

Who do you want to be, then?


Aramis? He doesn't even want to be a Musketeer. He wants to be a bishop!

Yeah, and he also lives through all the books.

"There is…a certain logic to your position." It was what Macmain said when he was outmatched in a fight, which usually required the Empire to be holding at least eight phasers and an innocent hostage. It was not by any means an admission of defeat.

Okay, Aramis, let's go find that starship.

'Starship,' mon amie? Je ne comprends pas your strange speech.

A vessel that sails 'pon the black tides of night, my friend, laden with booty from lands past your imagining.

…it smells like peppermint and cream cheese. And there's this…stuff all over.

Some of them do not breathe the air we breathe, my friend.

Uh-huh. But it kinda looks like they barf just like us.

Somebody give the captain a pie!

Web of Angels

by John M. Ford

Virtual systems, they were called, though virtue had nothing to do with it.

It’s hard to have a war without a misunderstanding somewhere underneath it.

The web was not intelligent. Indeed, yea, verily, nay, not intelligent.