expedient apple pencil accessories

expedient apple pencil accessories

Any writing/drawing instrument that I’m using for more than five minutes needs a thick grip, so I slid on a regular pencil triangular grip [most styli are either just a bit too thin or too thick to accommodate one].

With that grip, I can use the old Wacom stylus stand I got from the “free table” at work for ready desktop access.

The 30-pin adapter I found on clearance for $5 allows me to use an old iPhone dock I thrifted as a charging stand.

And the $1 hard plastic pencil case allows me to carry the pencil, with the grip on it, well protected.

Hal is still awesome

The Magpie Manifesto

What I follow.

“Sound the Bells” by Dessa…

Lyrics in fog [at sea].

MN House marriage equality

Was difficult to watch the MN House marriage equality “debate” ahead of the vote. But, what George Takei said in this video is so very true:

hottea, “letting go” process

a glimpse at the process of hottea’s “letting go” installation at the minneapolis institute of arts for northern spark 2012.

more info on the installation:

northern spark 2012

minneapolis institute of arts

Gashlycrumb Tinies


[at a halloween party this weekend, a group of my friends went as some of the Gashlycrumb Tinies…]

Left to right, back row:

Zillah, drank too much gin; Quentin, sank in a mire; Kate, done in by an axe; Death; Xerxes, devoured by mice; Olive, run through with an awl; Titus, blown to bits.

Middle row:

Hector, done in by a thug; Ernest, choked on a peach; James, drank lye by mistake.

Bottom row:

Basil, assaulted by bears; Clara, wasted away.

occupy: the land of rape and honey

various bits of found occupy footage (from NY, CA, MA, etc.) over ministry’s “the land of rape and honey” (modded the sound a little bit).

monster band: monsters under the bed shanty 2012