The Annotated Dean: Introduction

[On the works of Pamela Dean]

The idea for this goes back some years to a discussion in a fidonet forum.

In a message to Felix Strates <01 June 93, 13:12, Fidonet SF echo, RE: Tam Lin
> Pamela C. Dean wrote:
FS> Geez, all this stuff, we ought to do "The Annotated Dean".

Have fun. Even I can't remember where all of it came from.

We were, in particular, discussing Tam Lin. And that's the one that's most complete, though The Whim of the Dragon and Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary are close.


Tam Lin

The Secret Country trilogy

     The Secret Country

     The Hidden Land

     The Whim of the Dragon

Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary

The Dubious Hills [currently unavailable]


A note on the links.

The off-site links I’ve included within the Annotated Dean pages are to provide more information, they are not how/where I found the references. Many of the things I now link to were either not on the net or were not findable online at the time that I originally started the annotations.

Most of the refernences were found offline in books in my personal library [ie, Bartlett’s 16th ed., ODQ 3rd ed, various books of poetry & plays, etc.], or in the university libraries of the city where i was living at the time [ie., Child Ballads, etc.).